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Christian Therapy for Depression & Anxiety


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Catalyst is a treatment program designed for adults struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, dependencies, stress, dysfunctional relationships, abuse, loss, divorce, and other mental health issues in a unique, healing environment. Catalyst is a Day Program structured to provide the high level of care needed to resolve life crises by providing holistic and personalized daily care for 3-4 weeks. Catalyst programs are located near Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, and Seattle, WA.

I’ve been hospitalized and participated in both PHP (Partial-Hospitalization Programs) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) before. None of the others stand up next to Meier Catalyst. I am so very impressed and hopeful. I always felt safe here. The entire team showed compassion and love.

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Are you or a friend or a loved one…

  • Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression,  trauma, grief, stress, or relationships?
  • Going through a crisis such as a divorce, abuse, death of a loved one, or job loss?
  • Feeling stuck in your weekly therapy?
  • Needing a time of rest or rejuvenation?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of life?
  • Looking for a source of hope?

Find Meier Catalyst Near You

Catalyst is Located in
Bothell, WA (Seattle)
Wheaton, IL (Chicago)
Richardson, TX (Dallas)

Learn about the Program?

Treatment is customized to meet your individual, unique needs. Learn about the therapy groups, counseling, and medication management provided through Catalyst.

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