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Meier Clinics originated in Texas with the first office opening in 1976 and was co-founded by Dr. Paul Meier.  Meier Clinics is a well-known Christian counseling center in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex with two clinics to choose from.  Our clinic in Richardson, a suburb to the north of Dallas, offers our Catalyst program for adults struggling with severe anxiety and depression in addition to outpatient counseling. We also have a smaller clinic located in a church setting in Allen, where clients can be seen by one of our therapists on a limited basis. 


The Richardson office staff is comprised of psychiatrists, physician's assistants, psychologists, and counselors available for a wide range of counseling and psychological testing needs.  Dr. Paul Meier sees outpatients as well as Catalyst clients in the Richardson facility.  



Catalyst is an intensive counseling program running Monday through Friday with the typical stay being three weeks.  Clients benefit from extensive daily therapy in addition to seeing the psychiatrist each day for medication management.  The Outpatient program is for those who need less intensive care, generally meeting with a therapist once weekly or less. Evening Catalyst is also available for those who cannot commit to a full day program or are needing a lower level of treatment. 


The Tides, an adolescent program for high school sophomores-seniors is available on Saturdays at our Richardson, Texas office.  Common treatment issues include depression, anxiety, anger, mood, trauma, self-injury and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Individual therapy, process group, expressive group and family therapy are all included as part of treatment. Contact our intake department to see if The Tides would be a good fit for your teen. 








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