Depression and Anxiety Recovery

Christian Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

Catalyst is a treatment program designed for adults struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, dependencies, stress, dysfunctional relationships, abuse, loss, divorce, and other mental health issues in a unique, healing environment. Catalyst is a Day Program structured to provide the high level of care needed to resolve life crises by providing holistic and personalized daily care for 3-4 weeks. Catalyst programs are located near Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, and Seattle, WA. 


Are you, a friend, or a loved one…

  • Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, stress, or relationships?
  • Going through a crisis such as a divorce, abuse, death of a loved one, or job loss?
  • Feeling stuck in your weekly therapy?
  • Needing a time of rest or rejuvenation?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of life?
  • Looking for a source of hope?


Then let us be the catalyst for change. 


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Counseling Program Designed for You

Treatment is customized to meet your individual, unique needs. Though the Catalyst schedule varies at each location, most provide the following components:


Group counseling is a powerful and key component of Catalyst. These sessions will help you:

  • Integrate the spiritual, emotional and relational aspects of your life.
  • Discover where you are right now and set realistic goals for where you would like to be.
  • Learn how to establish healthy boundaries for yourself and with others.
  • Gain insight through interaction with others in the group.
  • Learn and develop effective communication and interrelationship skills.
  • Share feelings and learn from other clients in a safe, controlled environment.


During your time at Catalyst, you will be assigned a personal therapist who will be dedicated to helping you:

  • Identify and clarify personal problems and issues.
  • Understand developmental issues related to your relationship difficulties and emotional problems.
  • Learn, practice, and develop new coping skills that are practical and applicable to your everyday life.
  •  Discover family issues that have contributed to unhealthy choices and lifestyles.
  • Prepare for leaving the program and continuing the healing process.


Spiritual Growth Group

A specific goal of Catalyst is to restore, renew and refresh your relationship with God. This group will help you:

  • Discover and work through the emotional and spiritual obstacles that prevent you from experiencing God’s purpose and plan for your life.
  • Understand yourself better and learn how to more fully and completely experience God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance.
  • Develop practical strategies that will help you lead a life of spiritual integrity on a daily basis.

Creative Discovery Group

While most of the Catalyst program is designed to process issues verbally, expressive therapy incorporates different approaches, such as:

  • Art therapy
  • Interactive activities
  • Relaxation techniques


Life Skills Group

Daily life skills groups are an important part of Catalyst, where our team will help you grow in:

  • Effective communication
  • Health and wellness
  • Setting boundaries
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Coping with life’s difficulties

Medication Management

Another unique benefit of Catalyst is the ability to meet with a psychiatrist who will help:  

  • Assess current medication and, if necessary, prescribe new medication
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your medication
  • Track your progress throughout the program


Christian Depression Recovery Christian Anxiety Recovery Anxiety and Depression Program


If you would like to know more about whether Catalyst would be a good fit for you or a loved one, our caring intake staff would love to help. You can call the intake department nearest you at 1-888-725-4642 or email us.


Christian Mental Health Program


 Christian Mental Health Anxiety and Depression Recovery


Please call one of our Intake Staff for a telephone assessment to determine if Catalyst would be an ideal option for you.  Phones are answered Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 




"I’ve been hospitalized and participated in both PHP (Partial-Hospitalization Programs) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) before. None of the others stand up next to Meier Catalyst. I am so very impressed and hopeful. I always felt safe here. The entire team showed compassion and love. Thank you." Michael  1/22/16


"I am blessed to have been able to participate in this program.  It is the best therapy I have ever had.  My prior experiences at other treatment facilities did not come close to treating all aspects of a person like Meier Clinics has done.  I know I will improve and heal using the skills and tools given to me here. . . I do see hope again."  Sandra  2/25/2015


"I did not want to come, and it was very difficult at first.  As I adjusted to the system, it became easier, and I would say that it has lifted me from a position of desperation and hopelessness to one where hope has been restored."  Mark 1/9/2015


"Meier Clinics' genuine staff made a huge difference in my life and now I've a more emotionally healthy life!"  Gabrielle 12/31/2014


"My experience here is one of the highlights in my life.  The things that happen when you let God take control of your situation are absolutely amazing.  Every single staff member made a positive impact in my life and I am forever grateful for that and this place." Elaine A. 6/4/13


"Your program and the caring people here saved my life."  Joseph 4/19/13


"All of the therapists were wonderful, compassionate, caring, and insightful.  They were amazing in their ability to ask just the right question or make an observation to help us to take our own steps toward healing and wholeness.  I am grateful for each one of them."  Mary Anne 3/28/13


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Evening Catalyst Program in:


We will work with you to make sure that you get the care you need. Please give us a call to find out more about financial assistance. 



Catalyst is accredited by CARF International in IL and TX. To find out more about CARF and the accreditation process, click here.