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Neuropsychological Testing

The clinic in Wheaton, IL offers neuropsychological testing for adults and children to identify conditions of the brain or central nervous system. If we are not in your area, we will be glad to try and help you find a resource in your area.

What is the purpose of Neuropsychological testing?

Neuropsychological assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in specific domain/areas of functioning such as attention, concentration, memory, auditory and visual processing, processing speed, language skills, reading skills, math skills, writing skills, sensory development, sensory integration, gross and fine motor movement, executive functioning, social skills, and emotional or personality development. The domains investigated depend upon the referral question for the neuropsychologist. This domain specific assessment can be very helpful in clarifying a diagnosis, as well as identifying clearer treatment and intervention recommendations when specific difficulties are evidenced.

Neuropsychological testing plays an important role in the assessment of ADHD, traumatic brain injury, concussion, dementia (most common variety being Alzheimer’s disease), neurological disorders (including stroke, epilepsy, tumor), learning disorders (such as math, reading, writing disorders), dyslexia, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder (including Asperger’s), executive functioning, social difficulty, and behavioral concerns.

How is this helpful for me?

Neuropsychological assessment can be a very important part of a comprehensive process in clarifying a diagnosis and the best treatment options. This evaluation will provide greater clarity related to the specific difficulties and/or strengths that an individual might experience related to a specific diagnosis or condition. Specifically, a neuropsychological evaluation will identify and clarify the severity of experienced deficits and identification of areas of strength in the individual assessed. The neuropsychologist can then identify areas of daily functioning which may benefit from accommodation or intervention from appropriate professionals.  These accommodations can include things such as additional testing time at school, memory enhancement techniques, approaches to organization, and approaches to maximizing attentional capacities.

The neuropsychological assessment can provide invaluable information that will allow for customized treatment plans and intervention recommendations tailored to an individual’s particular strengths, weaknesses, and supportive needs. There are a number of ways in which the results/information from a neuropsychological evaluation can be applied to enhance care. This might include specific applications related to each individuals levels of daily functioning, tailoring specific accommodations, evaluation of the course of progressive conditions, monitoring the impact of other forms of treatment on the individual’s cognitive performance abilities, and determining whether a particular treatment may be appropriate for an individual.

Who can be evaluated?

The neuropsychologists at Meier Clinics see clients ages 4 through older adulthood. Neuropsychological concerns and questions regarding personal strength and weaknesses can occur at any stage of life. Meier Clinics employs neuropsychologists who specialize in children, adolescent and adult assessment.

People often seek an evaluation when they, or someone they love, experiences difficulties in their ability to concentrate, solve problems, remember things, learn required information, pay attention, regulate behavior, process interpersonal cues, and/or make decisions. Some people may seek an evaluation when they, or someone they love, experience movement abnormalities, head injuries, have behavioral or learning difficulties, social difficulties, or perhaps want to explore the impact of substance use/abuse on functioning. These difficulties might be evident at home, in school, or in occupational settings.

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