Revis Ann Massey

Revis Ann Massey


    Education & Training: Revis Ann completed her Master’s in Music Therapy at Southern Methodist University and a PsyD from Carlos Albizu University in Miami, FL with an emphasis in Health Psychology.  Her music therapy internship was in Galveston, TX at UTMB and Shriner’s Burns Hospital working with children and adults with health issues, rehab, and accidents resulting in burns (as well as families of these patients). 

    Background and Experience: She taught in the Music Therapy graduate and undergraduate program at SMU for 4 years before moving to Miami, FL.  Her psychology internship was in Seattle, WA working with people suffering from chronic pain and cancer-related treatment issues and post-doc fellowship was in Augusta, GA at the Georgia Cancer Center.   

    Special Interests & Services: Working with people (and caregivers) of all ages who are coping with relationship problems, chronic illnesses or pain-related issues, women’s health, communication problems, anxiety, and depression.  She is licensed in the state of Texas as a Clinical Psychologist.

    Additional Info: Revis Ann believes that we all struggle with emotional and mental issues at some time and need help to get back on track.  Our bodies are created with emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical components, equally important.  If one area is out of sorts, the whole body suffers.

    Ages: 6+

    Insurance Accepted: Aetna, BSW, BCS, Cigna, UBH

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