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Generational Healing Through Our Catalyst Program

We recently had the pleasure of hearing from a pair of former Catalyst patients. An interesting fact about this pair is that it is a mother and son who both attended our program, 16 years apart. Please continue reading to see just how life-altering our Catalyst Program was for them. 

“It’s hard to believe that the person who walked into Catalyst and the person I am now, are the same person. I went into the program struggling with severe OCD and depression. My OCD had gotten so bad that I could barely function at the most basic level, and I didn’t want to live anymore. I needed help fast. At Catalyst, I met the most knowledgeable and supportive staff I could have asked for. The information I was given provided me with the tools to understand how OCD works and how to overcome it daily. Since Catalyst, I’m amazed that I can say that OCD is practically not an issue for me. I continue to learn and use the tools I learned while in Catalyst. My overall anxiety level and mental well-being are so much better than 8 months ago when I came to Catalyst.”

Andrew P.

“My time in the program, 16 years ago, completely changed my life. I was a mom of three boys, and I had gotten to the point that when I tried to sleep, I would have panic attacks. I had so much anxiety, I was unable to care for my kids. With the help of my husband and my mom, I traveled to the program, 12 hours away.

The very first time I met with Dr. Meier; he gave me hope. He was able to help me discover the reason for my struggles. For the first time, I realized that because of my dysfunctional upbringing, I had been stuffing my feelings and at the age of 39, they were eating me alive. The Catalyst Program gave me the support, care, and instruction I needed to be able to deal with all the past hurts and move forward. It was like receiving years of counseling in three short weeks.

I am now a mom of a college graduate, a college senior, and a high school senior. I’ve been able to be there for all three of them as they have grown into adulthood. I have also been free to pursue ministry in my church and was even able to obtain my Law license. 

God knew I needed Meier Clinics and I have no doubt that he led me there 16 years ago so that I could be the mom, wife, and daughter that He created me to be. The program gave me a firm place to stand when everything seemed to be shaking. The Catalyst Program was God’s provision to lead me through the darkest time of my life and then you all did the same for my son, Andrew. May God continue to richly bless your ministry as you show people how to be free!”

Julie P.

Our Catalyst Program is forever life-changing for so many individuals. They walk in hopeless and leave filled with hope, joy, and a renewed enthusiasm for life. Our constant goal is to equip people with the right tools to handle all the trials that life can throw at them. We strive to treat the whole person – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The stories of Andrew and Julie are a prime example of just how effective our Catalyst Program is for so many people.