Men's Sexual Compulsion Program

Christian Sexual Addiction Program


It is no secret that our culture has become increasingly obsessed with sex. It is inescapable. It is plastered throughout magazines, on billboards, on the internet, in books, on TV — just about everywhere you look. While many people felt that a more unrestricted approach to sexuality would liberate people, it actually has led to bondage for many. An alarming number of men and women have experienced painful consequences and find they are unable to stop sexual behaviors that are destroying them emotionally, vocationally, relationally, and spiritually.



In response, Meier Clinics provides a road to wholeness from the bondage of sexual compulsion through our Freedom Intensive Outpatient Program and Facing the Shadow Men’s Group. Both programs incorporate concepts/materials developed by Dr. Patrick J. Carnes (the leading authority in the world on sexual compulsion). The primary program therapist is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). The CSAT certification is an intense and rigorous process (founded and developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes) and is recognized as the premier training/certification program today. Meier Clinics’ staff approaches treatment from a Christian worldview and integrate biblical principles in all phases of treatment.  They will guide those struggling with sexual compulsion to find renewed hope, health, and freedom. New sessions start on an ongoing basis throughout the year. 


“John was a wonderful therapist. He knew how to maintain accountability without shaming. He was honest and straightforward about everything. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and how to live a healthy, Christ-centered life in recovery.” – Matt J. 6/14/17



 Christian Pornography and Sexual Addiction Recovery

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  • Task-centered approach
  • Didactic recovery modules
  • Interactive group psychotherapy
  • Effective alternative to lengthy or expensive inpatient or residential programs
  • Greater level of intensity and structure than provided in weekly individual counseling
  • Clients will develop a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of sexual compulsion
  • Clients will incorporate recovery tools necessary for slong-term long term recovery
  • Referrals to other professionals familiar with the treatment of sexual compulsion, for medication needs, couples counseling, or other ongoing counseling needs


“John has an amazing ability to integrate Scripture with this program. His insight has been beyond helpful to me in my recovery journey. I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with sexual addiction – especially Christian men.” – Kevin M. 3/25/17



 This is an intensive program that allows the participant to continue with their weekday job and activities while receiving quality treatment from our Christian team of professionals.


  • 8-week commitment to care
  • The Recovery Start Kit is included in the cost
  • Two tracks available:


Track 1

Saturdays 9:00a.m.—3:00p.m.

The focus will be on a specific task

of the recovery process.

Wednesdays 6:15p.m.—9:15p.m.

  1. 1.5 hours group therapy 
  2. 1.5 hours processing assignments from Saturday’s module.


Track 2

Sundays 2:00p.m.—8:00p.m.

The focus will be on a specific task

of the recovery process.

Thursdays 6:15p.m.—9:15p.m.

  1. 1.5 hours group therapy  
  2. 1.5 hours processing assignments from Sunday’s module.





This program is designed to lay a foundation for successful recovery for those clients who have financial and/or time restraints that might otherwise have made treatment unavailable for them.


  • 12-week commitment to care
  • Group meets for 2 hours (once a week)
  • Group format (education/process/interactive)
  • Task-centered approach
  • Cognitive-Behavioral
  • Text: Facing the Shadow by Dr. Patrick J. Carnes
  • Cost: Will accept eligible insurance plans or $ 70.00 private pay per session.
  • The Facing the Shadow workbook is an additional fee of $35.


If you would like more information, call 972-437-4698 and select Option 5.  Your call is confidential.


Christian Pornography Recovery


Program Description

The Freedom Intensive Outpatient Program for sexual compulsion is a program of intensive psychoeducation and group psychotherapy designed to focus on recovery from compulsive sexual behavior. The core curriculum used is the Recovery Start Kit (RSK) created by Dr. Patrick Carnes. The first 130 days of recovery is the focus, as research shows that a solid foundation of information, structure, and accountability is crucial to long-term success. Freedom is appropriate for men who are experiencing

(1) a current crisis related to sexual acting out,

(2) an acute escalation of compulsive sexual behaviors,

(3) a chronic relapse -  continuing out-of-control behaviors despite therapy or 12-step work, or

(4) those who have been discharged from a treatment center. 


The program incorporates one-on-one counseling, group sessions, and family involvement to provide superior treatment care.


This program is currently available in Richardson, TX.  If you are interested in registering for this program or would like a free phone assessment to see if this program is suitable for your needs, please call 972-437-4698 and select Option 5.  Our professionally trained, Christian counseling team is ready to walk with you on your pathway to health and freedom from sexual bondage!


“The program was truly enlightening.  I now have the tools & resources to continue building on my recovery.”  Chris – former client 


“After struggling for over 20 years, I now feel very hopeful about my future and my ability to deal with my issues.” Cody – former client