Michaela Neff

MEd/Eds, LPC


Michaela is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Texas supervised by Chelsey Kinney, LPC-S. She received a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Florida.

Michaela’s approach to counseling is systemic and collaborative. All of her work is from a spiritual perspective, and with a Christian foundation, because Michaela knows firsthand that belief is a powerful force towards wellness.

In Florida, Michaela worked as a counselor for people living in residence at a substance use rehabilitation facility, with formerly incarcerated individuals, with people experiencing homelessness, and with couples and families facing various types of social, medical and interpersonal challenges and trauma.

Before training to become a clinical counselor, Michaela worked as a patient advocate for a pediatric craniofacial clinic, where she developed antibullying programming and mentored children and adolescents experiencing bullying. When not providing clinical counseling now, Michaela likes to read, play outside, and work on creative projects.