Lucia Falcone


Lucia Falcone is a Mental Health Counselor who specializes in treating patients experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, family issues, trauma, and grief. Originally from New York City, she attended New York University and dedicated her time there to counseling teens and their families recovering from the impact of hurricane sandy in 2012. In addition to traditional talk therapy, she incorporates holistic techniques such as breath work, prayer, meditation, essential oils, and other healing interventions into her treatment model.

“We are multifaceted beings and if we ignore our physical and spiritual health we cannot experience optimal emotional wellness. Commonly unwanted emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression have roots in spiritual and physical imbalance. I enjoy working closely with my patients to identify their strengths and use them to create a life set up for peace, success, and wholeness.

Empowering my patients to love and understand themselves is my passion.  I support my clients while they gain the self-awareness and self-love needed to make healing and effective positive changes in their lives; emotionally, physically and spiritually. You might be feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a number of issues or you might just feel stuck. Navigating your emotional well being can become a liberating experience if you are working with the right therapist. My compassionate and direct style of counseling enables my patients to know they can trust me and that I have their best interests at heart. They often emerge confident, empowered, and surprised with how far they have come.”