Kevin Pruitt


Kevin is licensed in marriage and family therapy and provides counseling for couples, adolescents, and their families. He offers support for married couples experiencing relational challenges at every stage, from marriage preparation throughout the course of family development. His work with parents and adolescents, both separately and together, helps facilitate healthier family relationships and dynamics.

Kevin utilizes best practices in marriage and family therapy from a gospel-centered foundation to help his clients experience the freedom and peace God promises. Realizing that every relationship has challenges, he strives to provide a supportive environment where families can discover the answers they need for their unique situation in life.

Kevin has an MA in Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and an MS in Psychology from Cameron University. He has a BA in Religion and has been pastoring for thirty years, working with students, couples and families. Kevin has served as a child and adolescent counselor at Gateway Foundation in Aurora and is currently the senior pastor at Ginger Creek Community Church in Aurora.