Julie Painley


Treatment Issues: I have worked with clients experiencing difficulty adjusting to life changes, experiencing relationship conflict at home or at work, feeling anxious or depressed, living with chronic mental illness or experiencing it for the first time, and healing from PTSD, sexual and physical trauma, and childhood emotional neglect. I enjoy working with people who want to make changes in their lives to find peace and joy in the struggle of living an authentic life. I also really like helping people understand themselves better through academic and psychological testing to support their educational goals.

Education and Training: My undergrad degrees were in Political Science and English, and I got interested in Psychology when working through issues in my own life.  I went back to grad school to support individuals and families with parenting and relationship issues and/or mental health concerns working toward wellness.

Background and Experience: I have worked with young adults and diverse populations in a university mental health clinic and volunteered at a supportive housing program for adults managing chronic mental illness. I have raised four children and enjoy kids of all ages, both neurotypical and neurodiverse.  I worked in tech for a decade before staying home with my kids.

Education and Training: I am in my third year of doctoral training in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Seattle. My main areas of interest are developmental psychology, chronic mental illness, assessing learning disabilities and neuropsychological conditions, and helping people recover from trauma.

Special Interests and Services: I enjoy tackling home improvement projects, weeding my garden, and walking the neighborhood with my Husky and Shepherd-mix pups and my husband of 30 years.