John O’Brien


John photo

“My goal as a Christian therapist is to walk with individuals and families as they look for peace within themselves, between each other, and with God. Many issues in life come from serious life events. Serious and chronic mental illness, depression, psychosis, PTSD, dissociation, anxiety, delusional thinking, and suicidality can haunt individuals throughout their lives and disrupt their lives and the lives of their families. People can find healing through a safe and loving therapeutic relationship. Some, and in fact many, find that there is a spiritual dimension to their life’s wounds.  They will hopefully find that God wants to help them heal and find their way. Taking time to talk and pray through their situations is often the most helpful thing they can do.”

John has experience in a variety of mental health circumstances. He has worked in an inpatient behavioral health unit, a community mental health clinic, elder care case management, a shelter for homeless men, a day program for adults with special needs, and nursing homes. He has seen God’s desire for people to find healing in many different circumstances.  He believes that God wishes to heal the serious traumas of our lives, as well as the major and minor bruises we all experience in our many life situations.

He is a committed counselor and continuously seeks ongoing training. Since graduating from the University of Maryland School of Social Work in 2002, his work has been informed by training in Accelerated Expressive Psychodynamic Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Spiritual Direction, and specialized courses in suicidality, psychosis, and autism.  He can also help with the interface regarding medications with a client’s prescribing physician.

Note: This office is handicapped accessible.