Cassie Spicer


Cassie is a Practicum Student, finishing her Masters in Biblical Counseling in order to pursue licensure in Professional Counseling. Cassie attends Dallas Theological Seminary and is under the supervision of Chelsey Kinney, MA, LPC-S at Meier Clinics.

While pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma, Cassie spent majority of her time outside of class pursuing her faith and helping others along in their faith journey. After college, Cassie launched a campus ministry alongside four other colleague’s and spent three years in full-time campus ministry before beginning the Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Since Cassie began seeing a counselor personally in college, she has made a commitment to this practice of self-care for a lifetime. The benefit that she has experienced from a handful of insightful and compassionate counselors and the desire to give that back to others has led Cassie to pursue a career in the field of counseling. The integrated approach she has studied of applying the truth of Scripture with the evidence-based research of psychology is the wholistic epistemology that Cassie utilizes with her clients today.

“My goal as a counselor is to bring hope and healing to the hurting. I believe that God created each person with inherent value. This God-given value cannot be taken away by any person, thing, or experience, nor can it be added to. Though clients may enter into our time together broken, down-trodden, and tired of striving, my objective is to meet them with grace, truth, and hope. My goal is that my clients will be more equipped to reach their goals and face the troubles of this world with renewed vigor and stability.” 

Cassie enjoys helping clients with a wide array of issues:

  • Family of Origin and Interpersonal Trauma
  • Betrayal / Infidelity
  • Faith-Struggles
  • Relational Trauma
  • Abuse: Emotional, Verbal, Psychological, Narcissistic and Spiritual
  • Abandonment / Relationship Endings / Divorce
  • Codependency
  • Shame / Guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Healthy Relationship Skills
  • Managing Recovery after Addiction
  • Sex and Love Addiction
  • Group Therapy

Ages Seen: 15+