Benjamin Pyykkonen

Ph. D.

Wheaton Christian Psychologist Pyykkonen

Dr. Pyykkonen currently sees adolescents and adults at the Meier Clinic in Wheaton, IL. He primarily uses cognitive-behavioral therapy with clients. Dr. Pyykkonen also offers psychological and neuropsychological testing.

Dr. Pyykkonen has experience working in the following treatment areas:

ADHD, Acceptance, Anger, Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, Failure, Fears, Guilt, Health Concerns, Hopelessness, Loneliness, Marital Concerns, Relationship Issues, OCD, PTSD, and Social Anxiety.

Dr. Pyykkonen received his Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology and did his post-doctoral fellowship at Rush University Medical Center.  He received his B.A. from Wheaton College.

In addition to remaining in clinical practice, he has also maintained an active academic career. He is currently the director of the doctoral clinical psychology program at Wheaton College. He is actively engaged in academic research examining the cognitive and emotional factors related to a number of clinical conditions, which enhances the effectiveness of his clinical work. These include: dementia, hydrocaphalus, depression, neurodevelopmental genetic disorders, HIV, and compulsive sexuality.