In Search of True Repentance

March 11, 2019

Join host Melanie Vann with guest Karen Watson-Jarvis. The discussion is based on an article written by Karen about how often we substitute the valuable things in this life for worthless things? We choose the words “I’m sorry,” but they have little meaning and do not represent the life transforming change that allowing God to change our hearts with true repentance represent. Does God just smile and wonder if we want to continue to trade ease and self-sufficiency for the real power of what He can do if we choose a sorrow that leads to life. Unfortunately, many of us choose a sorrow that leads to death, thinking it will somehow remove our shame, help us feel good, and give us what we deserve. On that false road we choose to justify our actions, rationalize our sin, blame others, dwell in the deep pit of self-pity, and make all sorts of excuses why we are stuck and can’t move forward and how it isn’t our fault anyway. Relationships decompensate, the innocent are condemned, marriages end, and Satan smiles as we journey on in the sorrow that leads to death. The good news is that God knows the difference and paves a path that has a clear outcome—a path that leads to life. Let’s explore His way.

Karen Watson-Jarvis, MA, LCPC is a psychotherapist and has been with Meier Clinics since 1990. She is also a Certified EMDR specialist and trained in Brainspotting. She wrote the book “Christ’s Touch Changes Us.” She has been a keynote speaker for weekend retreats and have spoken on TV and radio. Karen specializes in trauma and marital counseling.

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