Celebrating 46 Years of Providing Faith-based, Christian, Mental Health Services

October 1, 2022

It is hard to believe that it was 46 years ago— in 1976—that we first opened up the Clinics (then known as “Minirth-Meier Clinics”) to help serve the Dallas area with Christian counseling services while psychiatrists Dr. Frank Minirth and Dr. Paul Meier taught full time at Dallas Theological Seminary. Their goal was to help seminary students better understand emotional and psychological problems like depression and anxiety and destigmatize mental health care for people of faith. The doctors had to write their own textbooks for the courses they taught, as they couldn’t find existing textbooks that would address the integration of Christian faith with mental health care for their Seminary students. Later they also wrote Happiness is a Choice, Worry-Free Living; Love is a Choice; Christian Childrearing and Personality Development; The Workaholic and His Family, and more—-over one hundred published books were authored or co-authored by Doctors Minirth and Meier. Nancy Brown, Paul’s younger sister, with a business and banking background, was asked to consider moving to Dallas with her family so she could be the Director of the Clinic while her retired father was the bookkeeper. She did this and went through all the changes in healthcare and all the growth of the Clinics, serving now as President of Meier Clinics nationally over the last 23 years.

In the 1980’s, the doctors were approached by Moody Radio and asked if they would consider doing a one-hour radio program nationally from noon to 1:00 p.m. every weekday on a mental health topic. They would discuss that specific topic for 15 minutes or so, such as “Helping Your Child with Attention Deficit Disorder” and then open up the radio phone lines for listeners to call in and ask questions. As the program grew in popularity, up to two million people would listen to the radio program faithfully.

In 1986, Nancy Brown’s husband was transferred to Chicago with his company, and the doctors asked Nancy to open a new Clinic in Wheaton, Illinois, where she and her family were going to reside. She did that, and they were amazed at the positive response of the community to the new Clinic she opened there due to the radio program on Moody and the books that were written by the doctors. The Wheaton Clinic became the headquarters, and they took the calls from the radio show every day—up to 1,600 calls per day.

Clinics were also opened in other states where some of their Seminary students lived and chose to obtain their master’s or doctorate degrees in counseling or psychology, in addition to their Dallas Seminary Degrees. There are now seven states that have Meier Clinics, and the staff continues to be faithful to their “Statement of Faith” and have excellent training in mental health care. We provide over 70,000 visits every year and could expand greatly due to COVID if we could find the number of licensed clinicians that we need for this level of growth. God has been faithful, and we have seen thousands upon thousands of lives changed, as evidenced in our Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Patient Outcomes. More than 30% of the people who come to attend one of our three Catalyst Day Programs nationally ( Dallas, Wheaton, and Seattle) come from another state other than the one the program is located in, because they know they will have wonderful Christian mental health care from the staff there. It is our goal to keep serving God through serving people and helping them to be filled with hope for the future and find healing in their lives.

Nancy Brown

Nancy Meier Brown has served the Clinics in business administrative roles since they began in 1976. In 2003, she oversaw the process of the clinics nationally becoming a 501c3 non-profit and tax-exempt organization through the formation with her brother, Dr. Paul Meier, of Meier Clinics Foundation. They wanted to respond to those seeking Christian mental health care who could not afford it and help them with charitable care discounts. The Clinics work in collaboration with other ministries, such as in the Dallas area through partnering with a ministry that helps women with unplanned pregnancies and providing adoptions; and with another ministry in Chicago, helping women who are being rescued from a life of sex trafficking, providing counseling and mental health care for them. We also have an office in Lawndale, an area of great poverty in Chicago, with Meier Clinics counselors who are ministering there. In January of 2011, Nancy founded Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland, “CCPC”, which is a collaboration of many Christian counseling organizations and churches in the Chicago area that creates an Annual Clergy/Counselor Conference and workshops each year with nationally known speakers and authors. Nancy completed a business program at Bob Jones University and worked in Student Personnel at Wheaton College and then in commercial banking most of her career after her marriage before she began working at the Clinics. Her husband, David, has worked at Meier Clinics for 30 years, in the Business Accounting Division. David is a graduate of Aurora University and served faithfully in the Navy during the Viet Nam War.

Christian Psychiatrist Dr. Paul Meier

Paul Meier, M.D., is the founder of the nation-wide Meier Clinics (www.meierclinics.org) established in 1976. He is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the integration of the physical aspects of man with the psychological and spiritual dimensions.

Dr. Meier received his Masters of Science degree in Cardiovascular Physiology from Michigan State University, his Medical Degree (M.D.) from the University of Arkansas College of Medicine, and completed his psychiatric residency at Duke University. Dr. Meier attended graduate courses at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, in 1975-76 while as a full-time faculty member. He also holds a Master of Arts degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he served as a full-time faculty member in pastoral counseling for 12 years.

In 1999, Dr. Meier was honored by the American Association of Christian Counselors with a Lifetime Achievement Award at their Worldwide Conference. In 2006, Dr. Meier was named as a Physician of the Year by The National Republican Congressional Committee and honored at a reception by the President of the United States and Congress in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Meier has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs throughout his professional career, including Oprah Winfrey, The Tom Snyder Show, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, and Radio Free Europe. He has been honored to teach and speak at many universities and seminaries throughout the world, often lecturing on insight-oriented therapy and other related topics. Dr. Meier has authored or co-authored over 80 books and written numerous articles for magazines and other publications.

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