Comments From Our Clients

We are so blessed to see lives change every day, to see families restored, to see individuals find renewed hope and health, and to see God's purposes for each person rediscovered.  Following are just a few of the testimonials and thank you's we've received over the past few years.  Names are used only with consent of the client; all other quotes are anonymous as requested by the client to protect their confidentiality.  

From former Catalyst Clients



"I love this program! I would come here every day forever if I could. Keep up the great work!" Kathryn 5/31/18


"Thank you for your program. It has radically transformed my life. The staff here is wonderful and I am going to continue treatment here." Jacklyn 5/31/18


"I loved each staff member's unique style and contribution in my experience here. I've learned so very much and am inspired and feel capable to live my best life!" Alison S. 5/24/18


"[The] program exceeded my expectations. It gave me tools I didn't know existed. All the staff members were really great and helpful." Caitlin 3/15/18


"Everyone here wants what's best for all. Thank you so much for pointing back to Jesus Christ-He is first... I am growing and learning more and more to let go of fear and not live in the past." Edith 3/2/18


"The therapy team and Catalyst program changed my life dramatically. I feel stronger and more hopeful about my future. I am grateful for all the help and tools I was taught by the Catalyst program and the talented therapy team." Janet M. 12/15/17


"All of the staff were great. They were always engaged with the clients. The staff did a great job in communicating their genuine care and concern for my growth and healing in a respectful, loving way. I felt safe and never felt forced or guilted to do something I was not comfortable with. My growth was motivated by the freedom I felt. I am very grateful for Meier Clinics." Billy A. 11/22/17


"I was skeptical entering the program, but I testify all the care was high-quality. The therapists were compassionate and pushed us hard to face (our) issues!" Heidi M. 11/16/17


 "Staff members truly cared for my feelings and situation. That encouraged trust between us and positively impacted my recovery and process. Thank you all!" Debbie R. 8/24/17


"I entered the program prepared to work hard and get as much out of the program that I could. I am exceedingly happy with the progress I made in such a short time. I walked in feeling hopeless, inadequate, and afraid; I walk out feeling hopeful and confident. Further, I was surprised how effective art therapy is for a non-artist like myself!" Matt 9/13/17



"Thank you to all the staff here. You are all so professional, compassionate, and effective." Margaret B. 8/8/17


"Thank you for saving my life and changing me into a better man." Tommy B. 8/18/17


"Life-changing. In three weeks, Catalyst gave me more than I received in 20 Years of therapy in medication. I have the hope I had lost, and believe I have learned the skills I need to continue growing."  Jason T. 9/27/17


"The Evening Catalyst Program has been very helpful in beginning the process of starting to deal with complex trauma. The process sessions were extremely beneficial, along with having a therapist who is trained in trauma and PTSD. She has helped me tremendously." Kimberly R. 3/23/17


“I am very hopeful for my future. Meier Clinics has changed my life. I have learned so much about emotions, communication, the Lord, and how to express myself in healthy ways. I feel very blessed for the opportunity to have gone through treatment. I am human, God loves me, and I don’t have to be perfect. Making mistakes is an opportunity to grow and growth builds character.” Stacy B. 2/10/17


“I do not regret this experience at all. It was so inspirational to see all the staff members come together to evaluate and help each patient based on their personal struggles. I would encourage anyone struggling to find hope in the future to come to Meier Catalyst Day Program and take back control over their lives!” Marleina S. 2/3/17


“My time here at the Meier Catalyst program is a pivotal experience that will be carried forever in my heart. I have healed from wounds deep into my soul and have experienced a cleansing from shame that had chained me to believe I was nothing. I am learning here, feeling value, love, and awesomeness that I didn’t know I needed.” JoAnn O. 2/3/17



“I loved my time here. I am so grateful for being given my life back. God works mightily in this place.” Allison M. 1/6/17


“Just want to say that what you guys do as a whole is amazing. You helped me see and break down walls that have been present for 38 years. Thanks for helping me push myself to be free. You literally saved me, my marriage, and my future. I will remember this day as a milestone for the rest of my life. I finally feel complete as a person! God bless.” Chris P. 1/6/17


“I came into this program completely broken, confused, frustrated, and hopeless. The staff pushed me, guided me, cried with me, and encouraged me. I am leaving the program with more hope for my future than ever before. I have self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. I am so thankful!” Laura B. 1/6/17


"I remain in awe of what has taken place in my heart, mind, attitude, and spirit. The Catalyst program changed the course of my life." Misty C. 11/22/16


"The professionalism and approach to treatment was remarkable. Everyone was genuinely kind and caring. Self-Discovery (group) and learning communication skills and assertiveness brought much healing." Teresa G. 10/14/16


"I feel completely different than when I came in. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am feeling motivated and energized. Thank you for everything." Alexia R. 10/7/2016


"I felt welcome and at home, not judged and mocked. I love the team of people that work here. They are amazing." Jesse S. 9/30/16


"I really enjoyed my time here and learned a lot of great coping skills and self-care. I'm glad I entered this program and felt I strongly benefited from it." Kimberly G. 9/20/16


"This program was life-changing. I don't believe I would have gotten better treatment anywhere else." Karli C. 8/12/16


"This is an amazing program. The staff you have is extremely intelligent, intuitive, and fits so well together. There are not words to express the shift in myself that is a direct result of the care I received or my gratitude for the treatment." Amanda H. 8/10/16



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could stay; you all have been tremendous and instrumental to my healing and development. Please continue serving and helping people, because what you do if life transforming… I am eternally grateful for how this treatment gave me eyes to have a clearer image of God and who I am in Him. Thank you.”  Mary J. 6/24/16


“The entire staff has been very encouraging and has displayed the love and grace of Christ. Thank you for giving of yourselves in each interaction and group!”  Barbara L. 6/24/16


"Thanks so much Meier Catalyst. You've helped me a bunch. I came in thinking of ending my life and feeling alone, and with the help of yourselves, my Heavenly Father, and those in the group, I am looking forward to a brighter future." Chris 5/3/16


"I just want to thank Meier Clinics for life-changing experiences. It was one of the most rewarding, influential times of my life." Derrick 4/8/16


"I was very nervous and hesitant about coming to treatment, but I'm so glad I did. The staff was very welcoming and caring, and I felt safe to share what was on my heart. I gained so much self-awareness and now I have a better sense of direction. I am so grateful God brought me here."  Megan 3/8/16



"I have been through (several) of these programs in the last year. Catalyst was by far the best one I encountered. The structure, staff, environment, and work we did was so helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone!" Daniel 3/4/16


"Thank you all so much. This is the best treatment center for PHP/IOP that I have ever been to." Jesse 1/26/16


"I’ve been hospitalized and participated in both PHP (Partial-Hospitalization Programs) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) before. None of the others stand up next to Meier Catalyst. I am so very impressed and hopeful. I always felt safe here. The entire team showed compassion and love. Thank you."  Michael 1/22/16


 “I really, really appreciated my time here and think all of the staff members did a lot to help me understand things I’m struggling with, see problems in things I do that I wasn’t aware of, and process through all of it. Everyone had different styles and I think the variety of approaches was very helpful in me gaining clarity.” Hannah B. 8/24/15



“I am truly leaving a different person than the day I walked in here. I was given great tools to help pursue a healthier me.”  Tara R. 8/11/15


“I love the staff here and how they helped with my recovery. I am so thankful to Meier Clinics for saving my life.”  Judy O. 7/31/15


“I came to the program in the worst spot in my life. It was exactly what I needed at the perfect time. I’m grateful to the staff and care of other mentors.” Mark H. 6/23/15


“Thank you! This program really changed my life! Such a real place with real people where I experienced the grace of God.”  Chelsea S. 5/29/15


“I really appreciate this program. It has been an invaluable experience and a life saver. A tremendous weight has been lifted.” Teresa T. 5/27/15


“This was incredible. The best investment of time, energy, and money I could have ever made for myself. This is such a safe place with the most caring people I have ever been around. Everyone should come to Catalyst.”  Charlie P. 5/15/15


"My experience exceeded my expectations.  The group therapy was particularly helpful and I was surprised how close I became with my original group members."  Christopher 3/18/15


"I found devotions and spiritual growth groups to be helpful in integrating my Christian beliefs in my healing process.  Thank you to all the Meier Clinics staff for providing me with exceptional care.  You all spoke of God's love and grace and were the faces of Christ in this difficult but much rewarding healing process."  Barbara  3/13/15


"I am blessed to have been able to participate in this program.  It is the best therapy I have ever had.  My prior experiences at other treatment facilities did not come close to treating all aspects of a person like Meier Clinics has done.  I know I will improve and heal using the skills and tools given to me here. . . I do see hope again."  Sandra  2/25/15


"I did not want to come, and it was very difficult at first.  As I adjusted to the system, it became easier, and I would say that it has lifted me from a position of desperation and hopelessness to one where hope has been restored."  Mark 1/9/15


"I got spiritually uplifted by every member of the staff.  Meier Clinics is a 'safe' place.  I will miss it here. . ." Marla 10/29/14


"This program helped me do a lot of processing of my past.  It was as helpful as I could have hoped for."  Justin B.  5/30/14


"I appreciate the group therapy sharing/feedback - beautiful how a community can form from vulnerability and openness.  The good-bye ceremony was a wonderful gift and blessing - I felt like I was able to share from my heart and receive the blessings and encouragement of others."  Megan L.  5/7/14


"The Meier Clinic Day Program has changed my attitude from feeling discouraged to enthusiastic.  The process has given me awareness and coping skills as life is changing."  A. B.  5/1/14


"Thank you all for everything you do here.  These past three weeks have truly transformed my life and I am finally experiencing healing.  Keep changing lives!"   Katie M.  4/28/14


"This is an awesome program.  It is very challenging in a positive way.  The input, education and insight by those leading it are very helpful.  The teaching is practical and something I can continue to implement.  I felt the counselors were sensitive but not afraid to be direct and honest."  Luann P.  4/1/14



"I cannot say enough good about (my therapist).  She helped me tremendously!  I am an entirely different person because of the way God used her in my life!  I have grown so much and in so many ways! . . .I thank God for leading me to Meier Clinics. . ."  Amanda 1/9/14


"Wow - what a difference!  I'm so blessed to have come here and gotten to work with (my counselor).  She has truly helped me in more ways than I can express.  God bless."  Kelly 4/23/13


"(My counselor) was an absolute gift in my life from God.  She was instrumental in helping me work through obstacles and improve my life.  We worked together to give me life long tools to sustain my progress and stability.  Finally, she has brought me even closer to Jesus and I will be forever grateful."  Christie 


"I came due to depression.  I was having no energy and didn't care about anything. . .The program has been wonderful.  I have learned more about myself. . .I'm feeling much better about myself.  I feel like I have a friend at Meier Clinics."   Debra D.


"My counselor has a great innovative way of making me think about my issues.  It's been years of searching to find a counselor I could trust."


"My counselor is caring, personable, professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, non-judgmental.  I was placed with the most appropriate counselor for my needs.  There are many helpful programs to ensure treatment of issues."


"When I was at my lowest, I found hope again here. . .I now have a renewed faith that all things are possible.'"

Share your Experience

Are you a former client, a friend or family member of a client, or a pastor or professional that has referred a client to Meier Clinics and experienced the life-changing power of Christian counseling?  We would love to hear your story and be able to share it with others.  It could be the encouragement that another person needs to take that initial step to start their road to recovery.


Please send us an e-mail with any information you would like to share such as how counseling impacted you, what services were received and when, how you are doing today, words of wisdom or encouragement about Christian counseling care.  Please be sure to let us know if we may use your name or if you would prefer to remain anonymous.  What you share may be posted on this website or used in other Meier Clinics publications.


Thank you for helping us help others by sharing your experience at Meier Clinics. 

Help Others

If you would like to help others receive care through Meier Clinics like you or your loved one did, please consider a donation to the Meier Clinics Foundation.  One hundred percent of donations go to underwrite charitable or discounted care for those who need help but otherwise could not afford it.  Our staff and our clients thank you for helping us help them find renewed hope, health, and joy as God intended.