Lawndale Christian Health Center

Meier Clinics has been providing behavioral health counseling at a significantly reduced rate for the patients at Lawndale Christian Health Center, a holistic care facility located in one of the most impoverished areas of Chicago. Lawndale Christian Health Center cares for over 57,000 patients annually, in over 188,600 patient visits and supports Health & Wellness, offering a wide range of services. Meier Clinics is proud to be able to offer mental health counseling to their patients.

Naomi's House

Meier Clinics has partnered with Naomi’s House, a ministry of Moody Church that offers hope and healing to women who have experienced human trafficking.

Naomi’s House is a comprehensive residential program to provide a fresh start for these women who have experienced such unimaginable trauma. Their home is a safe place fostering healing and faith in Christ that leads to life-transformation. They are:

  • Faith-based, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Trauma-informed, integrated with expert therapists and staff
  • Committed to her full healing, believing she is the best advocate for her own care

Meier Clinics feels blessed to be able to aid in each woman’s journey towards a new beginning.

Real Options

Real Options: Real Options exists to empower women, men, and young people to make physical, emotional and spiritual choices that affirm life and health. They strive to fulfill this goal through three main facets of ministry: Prevention though abstinence counsel and education, Point of Decision advocacy and medical services, and Post-abortion care and healing group Bible Studies and one-on-one counseling.  

Meier Clinics has partnered with Real Options to provide counseling and counseling programs to their clients, employees, and volunteers for free or reduced fee rates.

Family Bridges

Since 2006, Meier Clinics Foundation has served as the fiscal agent for Family Bridges, a program created to address the need for healthy marriages. It’s partners include over 25 Chicago area organizations such as Meier Clinics of Illinois, The Salvation Army, and the Hispanic Bible School, reaching out to five Northern Illinois counties.

Healthy marriages are the cornerstone of strong families, which form the bedrock of a thriving society. Family Bridges recognizes society’s critical need to strengthen marriages, especially among minorities and low-income communities. Through a unique network of providers, this newly charged initiative teaches couples, individuals, and high school students how to create and maintain healthy, enriching relationships. Family Bridges offers teaching through free workshops throughout Chicagoland, available in both English and Spanish, as well as periodic weekend retreats and conferences. To find out more, visit the Family Bridges website.

Christan Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland

Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland began in January 2011 with over 30 individuals from 17 Christian counseling agencies gathered at Meier Clinics of Wheaton. In this initial meeting, we discussed ways to collaborate and offer mutual training, marketing, and outreach projects. A Steering Committee was formed and met faithfully each month to create objectives and goals as a unified group of believers.

Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland is a supportive counseling association committed to spiritual growth and service to our communities by promoting awareness of mental health issues and providing professional development. We desire to create a greater collaboration between churches, ministry leaders and Christian counselors for the greatest impact possible in service to others. Visit to find out more about upcoming events or becoming a member.

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