What do you do when your phone, router or some electronic device isn't working right?  Often, you call the company or tech support and someone tells you to turn if off for about five minutes, so it can reset itself.  When you turn it back on - voila, it begins working correctly (hopefully).  This article is about taking five minutes to reset yourself, so hopefully, you start working right again as well.  I'm not referring to major technical issues. Rather, I'm referring to those minor technical issues we may experience on a daily basis, such as sluggishness, brain fog, stiff joints, stress, feeling overwhelmed, and the list goes on.  So here is a quick routine you can use when you may be wondering how you're going to get through the rest of your day. Take yourself off autopilot and try this five-minute fix:

Reset from Stress

R - Recognize the problem.  Are you too tired, too hungry, too busy, too stressed, too unaware?  Take one minute to consider the problem and recognize your part in it, so you can make the necessary changes to start altering your circumstances.  Maybe you need to go to bed earlier, take the time to eat, decrease your commitments, give your brain a rest for a while, say “no” to something or someone that isn't a priority, etc. Ask God to help you with these changes. As Philippians 4: 6 says, Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God (NIV). Take a deep breath, take a drink of water, and go to the next step.

E - Exercise.  Do one minute of exercise. Run/walk in place or climb the stairs, do jumping jacks, do squats or lunges, do push-ups or a plank. Just do whatever you choose for one minute. (Don't do any exercise your doctor would not recommend you do.) Take a deep breath, take a drink of water, and go to the next step.

S - Stretch.  Do one minute of stretching and try to stretch your main muscle groups – your legs, arms, back, and neck.  Aim to stretch several main muscle groups during this minute.  Take a deep breath, take a drink of water, and go to the next step.

E – Exercise (again).  Do one more minute of exercise, but do something different than you did the first time.  If you are limited as to what you can do, either walk again or do chair exercises, such as leg lifts while sitting.  Take a deep breath, take a drink of water, and go to the next step.

T – Thank God.  Take one minute to thank God for what is going right for you.  Focus on the positives in your life, along with the blessings God has given you.  If you're having a hard time recognizing your blessings, truly imagine life without them. If you imagine missing them and you get a little sad just thinking about that, then it's probably a blessing.  1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 reads, Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus (NIV).  Whatever you do, don't skip this step, because it's the most important minute in the routine.  When you're done, take a deep breath, take a drink of water, and go conquer the next few hours of your day. 

Try RESETting the next time your day is getting too long, too overwhelming or you’re getting too tired or stressed, and you're not working quite right.  You may need to reset several times a day.  If so, that's fine - that gives you more physical activity, stretching, and time with God.  Five minutes of resetting will help you feel more joyful as you effectively and efficiently get through the day.

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Angie Witman is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist.  She has been providing outpatient counseling for Meier Clinics for nearly 19 years and worked at the local community mental health center for seven years prior; thus, she has been serving clients in Northwest Kansas for almost 26 years.  She is married with two children.  She and her family are active in their church and community.  She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and their four dogs.  Angie also enjoys relaxing by their backyard pond, scrapbooking/crafts, and cooking.

Author: Angie Witman

Tags: Stress, Anxiety, Self-Awareness, Exercise, Stretch, Mental Health, Meier Clinics

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