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JoAnne Crough

Kathleen M. Neill 




We are currently forming a therapeutic support group for survivors of clergy abuse. The professionals leading this group are licensed counselors and have experience in facilitating group therapy, as well as the treatment of sexual trauma.


We will meet with each participant individually prior to entry into the group to provide time and space to become familiar with the facilitators, the benefits of group work and to address any anxiety or concerns about entering into this new experience.


We offer a safe, warm, caring and non-judgmental environment where those hurt by clergy or representatives of the Catholic Church can come for therapy, an opportunity to be heard, and to be able to interact with other survivors for a more complete recovery.

Our intention is to not only provide support, but also a means to empower trauma victims to move beyond their circumstances to a life of continued growth, hope, connection, belonging and knowledge that they are no longer victims but survivors.  


For more information, please contact JoAnne Crough, LPC or Kathy Neill, LPC at 412-531-9600/Option #4.


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