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January - Praying For Clients

February - Receiving Joy; Releasing Shame

March - Healing the Child Within

April - Sexual Addiction, Shame, and the Church

May - To Grandmother's House, We Go


     January - A Christian View of Self-Esteem

     February - Deep Calls to Deep

     March - Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

     April - When Circumstances Overwhelm

     May - Reset

     June - Motherhood: What's Your Experience?

     July - Fast Track

     August - No is Beautiful

     September - The Language of Love

     October - Acceptance of One's Powerlessness 

     November - Serenity 101

     December - Thank You


     January - Bridging the Gap

     February - The Battle for the Mind

     March - Healing Our Divided Heart

     April -  Video Game Addiction

     May -  Relationships and Repentance

     June - Grace vs. Shame

     July - How to Respond to Tragedy

     August - Hope in the Struggle

     September - ADHD: Common Myths and Treatments

     October - My Story

     November - The Incarnation and Counseling

     December - Family Politics


     January - Hope in the Face of Suffering

     February - Moving Through Your Fear

     March - Healing from an Abortion

     April - Navigating the Fishbowl

     May - Rising from the Pit of Despair 

     June - New Beginnings

     July - The Thoughtful Gift

     August - Hope for Depression

     September - Four Goals that Can Change Your Life

     October - Neediness is Not an Ugly Word

     November - Walking in Weakness

     December - Coping With Grief Through Christmas


     January - New Beginnings

     February - What is Love?

     March - Happiness is a Choice

     April - Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

     May - Marital Intimacy and Prayer 

     June - Grace to You

     July - Common Misconceptions of Men's Sexual Addiction

     August - Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus

     September - Seeking God in the World of the Selfie 

     October - Digital Dangers to a Child's Developing Mind

     November - Getting to Know (and Forgive) Our Unconscious Selves

     December - Celebration and Loss at the Holidays


     January - Hope

     February - The Blessings of Play (and Play Therapy)

     March - Spiritual Resiliency

     April - Elderly Parents and the Grown Children Who Care for Them

     May - Let Yourself Be Seen

     June - Boundaries in Dating

     July - Shame: The Ultimate Identity Crisis

     August - Mood Swings: Are They Spiritual, Emotional or Genetic? 

     September - How to Find a Great Therapist

     October - Missing the Obvious

     November - Immanuel Prayer in the Therapy Room

     December - The Character of God in Changing Circumstances


     January - Counselors:  Scholars of God's Creation

     February - Men and Counseling

     March - Renewing Married Love

     April - Name Your Sadness

     May - Advantages of Choosing a Christian Counselor

     June - Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

     July - Forgiving Ourselves:  Is it Biblical?

     August - Practicing Gratitude in an Age of Entitlement

     September - This is My Hope

     October- The Discipline of Rest

     November- Is My Anger Wrong?

     December- Handling the Holidays: WWJD?


    January - Bringing in the New Year

    February - Everything is in Order

    March - Overcoming Fear and Anxiety with God's Word

    April - Sex-What Does God Say About It?

    May - Restless Hearts

    June - Is Your Door Locked or Open?

    July - Depression and Feelings of Hopelessness

    August - Forgiveness - What it is and What it is Not

    September - Meier Clinics Celebrates 35 Years of Service

    October - Overcoming Sexual Addiction

    November - Being the Change Agent for Your Family Needs

    December - Stress Management  


    January - Real Love vs. Dependency

    February - New Year's Resolutions Solution

    March - Filters

    April - A Matter of Life or Death

    May - Nutrition Tips for a Health Life

    June - Addictions - Finding Help and Hope

    July - Hope vs Depression

    August - Quick Fixes, Bad Endings

    September - Beattitudes for a Life with a Beloved Addict 

    October - Winning the War of the Mind

    November - Facing College with Attention Deficit Disorder

    December - A Christmas Verse (based on 2 Corinthians 13)


    January - He Will Make All Things New!

    February - Setting a New Course

    March - Healing Father Wounds

    April - Hunting for Hope at Easter

    May - How Do I Know if My Marriage Crosses the Line into Abuse?

    June - As a Person Thinketh. . .

    July - Finishing Well

    August - A Good Thing About Autism

    September - Living Hope for Your Marriage

    October - Finding, Remembering, and Embracing the "Good" in Life

    November - Families and Sex Addiction in the Internet Age

    December - Happy in Hard Economic Times


    January - Unpack Your Anger and Morph!

    February - Ten Top Intimacy Needs

    March - Learning From and Resolving Business Conflicts

    April - Anxiety

    May - Healing Damaged Relationships

    June - What I've Learned Since I Knew It All - 12 Secrets to Living a Satisfied Life

    July - God and Bathing Suit Season

    August - Love Hunger

    September - Love Suffers Long

    October - Building Positive Sibling Relationships

    November - Thanksgiving:   One of Jesus' Favorite Holidays?

    December - The Coventry Carol


    April - Welcome to Our Premier Edition of the Meier Clinics E-Newsletter!

    May - Helping Those Who Self-Injure

    June - Tips to Deal with Teen Turbulence

    July - Why are the First Five Years of Marriage so Important?

    August - Hope for the Addicted

    September - Self Care for Care Givers

    October - Types of Therapy for Children and Others

    November - How to Recognize and Deal with Stress

    December - The Benefits of Forgiveness


    January - Co-dependency, Grief  

    April - Victim Mentality, Guilt

    July - 30th Anniversary, Perseverance, Client Letters


    January - Love Hunger, Childhood Obesity   

    April - Improving Your Quality of Life, Handling Stress

    July - Depression, Temptations, Meditation

    October - Restoring Relationships, Seasonal Affective Disorder     


    January-March - Relationships, Depression   

    April-June - Depression, Anger, Aging

   July - Communication, Prayer & Healing

    October - Reconciliation, Hostility


    January-March - Transformation, Panic & Anxiety   

    April-June - Fear, Truth, Being Nice

    July-September - Loneliness, Anger

    October-December - Disappointments, Day Programs 


   April -June - Depression, Wellness, Single Parents   

    July - August - Grief, Restoration

    September-October - Loving Kids, Suffering


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