Christian Eating Disorder Recovery



The founder and 20-year CEO of Remuda Ranch, Ward Keller, and his wife Carolyn have assembled a team of some of the leading eating disorder experts in the industry to open a residential eating disorder treatment center for women. We believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible and that it takes treating the whole person to achieve it. With this end in mind, we offer treatment supported by a four-pronged philosophical approach grounded in Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and Spirituality.  Our unique Restorative Model is life-changing. Experience the KellerLife difference. To speak with a representative today, Call 800-291-5045 or visit to learn more.



Meier Clinics is proud to partner with Keller Life, which incorporates a holistic Christian approach to eating disorder treatment. If you have questions or are interested in this program, please call our intake staff at