Christian Counseling in Chicago, IL

Meier Clinics opened a location in Chicago in response to the many requests for convenient, quality Christian counseling for those working and living in the city.  We are located right on North Michigan Avenue, in the heart of Chicago. We are now also pleased to offer services in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago.


We love coming alongside men, women, and children who are experiencing short-term or long-term problems and helping them find answers.  God never meant for us to travel through life alone.  He knew that we all need to support, encourage, and help one another as he has gifted us all differently.


Chicago Therapists


Our staff has completed master and/or doctorate degrees to gain knowledge in many mental health areas.   Coupled with years of professional and personal experience and our Christian morals and beliefs, we are able to help others get through the mire of doubt, frustration, despair, anger, hurt, fear, and other emotions that come with life.  We provide personalized care to fit each individual's, couple's, or family's needs by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual components needed to restore relationships and prompt personal well being.


Do you have a serious or on-going situation that you need help with?  Maybe something that has been bothering you for a long time and just isn't going away?  Or perhaps you just feel like you need to talk to someone to see if you are headed in the right direction and thinking clearly about a situation.  Whether you consider it a big problem or a little problem, we are here to help you.  


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get on the road to a healthier and more fulfilling life.  Just give our Intake Staff a call at 630-653-1717 or toll free at 800-848-8872 for more information or to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to meeting you.



Current clients only may call and leave a message at 312-332-4269


Meier Clinics

180 North Michigan Ave.

Suite 916

Chicago, IL 60601


Meier Clinics at

Lawndale Christian Health Center

Belle Whaley Building

3812 W. Ogden Ave. 

Suite 114

Chicago, IL 60623

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"Sessions are really helping me to go forward with my daily routines.  I am very happy I choose this clinic.  (My counselor) is very professional and she has really helped me emotionally and mentally to focus on my goals.  I have learned to get back on track and move forward with my life."  12/08